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Activation in progress...

Started by: yousifbro
On: 25/02/2012 | 20:57
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by: yousifbro
on: 25/02/2012 | 20:57

it has been 2 days but it still sayes 

Activation in progress...
Our systems are now activating your SIM. In most cases activation takes less than 30 minutes. When you see your balance and giffgaff phone number in this page it will mean your SIM is ready to use. However, if you requested activation after 10pm, the systems will activate your SIM first thing tomorrow morning.

please help me with this thank you.

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by: matt_richardson
on: 25/02/2012 | 20:57
It will be Monday morning before anything is sorted now.

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by: morvin
on: 25/02/2012 | 20:58

There are some Activation issues. Wait for Giffgaff to make an official announcement.


EDIT: They have. See above.

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by: mrcool073
on: 25/02/2012 | 20:58

these people can help you well maybe an agent



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by: csharp74
on: 25/02/2012 | 20:58
There are problems with activations at the moment, you will need to contact an agent
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by: mrcool073
on: 25/02/2012 | 20:58

Hi guys,


hope you're well.


We are aware that some members are experiencing slow activation issues and that its taking longer than 24 hours to activate a sim. We are also the message 'activation in progess' appears on your 'my giffgaff' account. 


Please raise a case with the agents regarding your activation and how long it has taken so far to activate your sim. 


I will update this thread when I have more information.

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by: ibraheemjaved19
on: 25/02/2012 | 21:01
Check this
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by: yousifbro
on: 25/02/2012 | 21:02

the agent reply me back with empty message , it doesnt say nothing at all. 

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