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Started by: emelie4ever
On: 05/02/2014 | 00:28
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by: emelie4ever
on: 05/02/2014 | 00:28
Hello guys,
I am trying to enter in different websites and sometimes the over 18 content pops up! I searched the forum but I could find only the way to deactive it is by UK passport witch I don't have cause I am not from UK and UK driving licence witch I don't have either! Any other possible way to do it. Cause it starts getting really annoying.
Thank you in advance
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by: fred_flintstone
on: 05/02/2014 | 00:29
Sorry emelie
Those are the only accepted documents Smiley Sad
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by: kevgaxx
on: 05/02/2014 | 00:38
Sorry mate, but giffgaff have a very simplistic take on this problem. The giffgaff adult content bar can only be removed by providing details of a UK passport or a full/provisional UK driving licence ( NI driving licences excepted due to format difficulties ).

Credit card age verification is underway though ( coming soon apparently... ), but not in place yet.

See here for general guidance, and advice about difficulties in filling out the form.

Of course, you could always ask a teenager how to get round it. They always know.

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