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Started by: kayden1981
On: 09/06/2014 | 14:55
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by: kayden1981
on: 09/06/2014 | 14:55
I want to remove the adult content bar, but I don't have a driver's license or passport.

There used to be an option where you could contact an agent and send documentation in to prove your age couldn't you? I could swear I saw something about it once, but never followed through with it at the time.

Anyway, I've asked am agent today, and been told that due to 'regulations', I can't have the bar lifted without either a passport or drivers license number. There's no other way to prove I'm 33 apparently.

Is this correct? I was probably moving to Lycamobile anyway soon, but this will probably be the final push I need.
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by: leemg3
on: 09/06/2014 | 14:57
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by: mcilwraith
on: 09/06/2014 | 14:57

i dont think there is another way my friend

you can contact an agent if you wish though

they are usually pretty quick but remember an agent can take up to 24 hours to reply

have a nice day

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by: ralfers78
on: 09/06/2014 | 14:58
Yes that is correct at the min u need a valid UK driving lisence or provisional or passport u r restricted for now but gg is working on more ways to prove ur age fink there working on bank card
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by: kayden1981
on: 09/06/2014 | 14:59
Do people post on here purely to 'up' their post count? If you'd read what I actually put, I've already contacted an agent
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by: gemmaedwards
on: 09/06/2014 | 14:59
defo need a pass port or drivers licence mate,
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by: kayden1981
on: 09/06/2014 | 14:59
Oh well. Another strike against giffgaff
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by: appletom
on: 09/06/2014 | 15:00
I'm afraid there is nothing to do with the situation sorry bro
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by: anne1963
on: 09/06/2014 | 15:03 edited: 09/06/2014 | 15:04

Vodafone lift the adult content with a Credit card! Then once lifted you can switch it on and off yourself.


Giffgaff are a little too strict in my opinion, but it's their policy; Suppose a personal communication with an agent may get you somewhere, no harm in trying.

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by: baba03
on: 09/06/2014 | 15:06
Hi @mulligan1234

The Giffgaff adult restrictions can only be removed with a full UK driving, provisional licence or UK Passport. without any of these the bar cannot be lifted.
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