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Amendment to iPhone internet settings

Started by: will23
On: 22/04/2014 | 14:24
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by: mudassir316
on: 15/02/2016 | 19:23

@will23 wrote:


@scottoag wrote:
will I've tried the quiz MULTIPLE times, know the answers, but keeps moving me to next question saying incomplete answer or just ignoring my input.

I want to be able to answer appropriately, and do so. Just quiz won't let me complete. Use my moto g on with KitKat and Opera. Don't have a PC.

Any ideas young man?

It sounds like your best bet is to try a different browser on your phone then. Sometimes various browsers just don't work which is frustrating.



@stonelli wrote:

AGAIN, when is the KB page going to be updated to be correct?

Don't forget that some people are perfectly capable of searching for information in the Help section, and right now you are providing official informatoin that is incorrect.


I have to say that, in my mind, this is another bit of egg on your face.


You shouldn't  roll out stuff until all the elements are in place

 The best place to discuss KB changes is in this thread -


The KB is mostly in the hands of the members now, although we did update a lot of the articles. If you think any articles should also be removed then that's a good place to discuss it.


Wow, nice. Thanks!

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