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Started by: taryn84
On: 23/08/2018 | 17:04
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by: taryn84
on: 23/08/2018 | 17:04

I'm really starting to get annoyed now topped my phone up to add a new goodbag as i have ran outta data and I had to come on the Internet to add it I had £20 on to add a goodbag I now have £19.87 I can't find help any where when I tried to add the goodbag it's only letting me add with bank card not with credit I have added can anyone help or give me a number where I can speak to a giff gaff agent 

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by: jt_21
on: 23/08/2018 | 17:10

@taryn84 Please switch off mobile data and try to be on wifi as credit will be getting used up as you don't have a goodybag, giffgaff is all online and there isn't a customer service number to call, you can message the agent for the missing pennies here


Direct link to ask an agent:

Please note: Our agents aim to answer all enquiries within 24 hours. Replies from our agents can be read and responded to from

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by: clikasarus
on: 23/08/2018 | 18:09
Hi welcome to giffgaff and the community

• This is when background apps are running and use a small amount of your credit , iam sure if you ask a agent they will as a good will gesture they will refund the 13p ( at there discretion) to enable you to buy your goodybag

• But please be patient as it could take upto 24 hours for them to reply
Hopefully this

hope this helps helps 👍🏻
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