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Started by: majordisaster
On: 16/08/2011 | 13:34
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by: majordisaster
on: 16/08/2011 | 13:34



I'm new here, so if this seems a stupid question, I apologise..........whenever I click on a link to 'ask an agent' or 'go to inbox' it just takes me back to my 'dashboard' page.


How can I ask an agent, or access my inbox?


Thanks for any help.


Speak to you soon.



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by: giff_2
on: 16/08/2011 | 13:36

are you sure your logged in mate as the main site will logged you out if left . 

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by: aphex
on: 16/08/2011 | 13:36
Are you logged in?
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by: reemaa
on: 16/08/2011 | 13:37

here is a direct link to it

Just fill in the form that loads up and make sure your logged into your account when you use the link


to check your inbox, click community at the top of the page and you'll see inbox on the line where it says about me / community settings/ help/ INBOX



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by: rudedog
on: 16/08/2011 | 13:37

Hi majordisaster, sounds like you have a broken Ask An Agent link. Ok, you can either get in touch with an Educator (you can check if one is online by checking Users Online on the main community page). Or you can email an Agent on

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by: shedy
on: 16/08/2011 | 14:47

make sure youre logged in if it still gives you problems try using firefox.

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kudos if I helped and mark as solution answered if you are satisfied. thxs.
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by: philiplittle40
on: 16/08/2011 | 14:53


@rudedog's advice is correct. Don't bother wasting time with browsers, logging in and out, cache/cookies etc as they wont make any difference. There is a specific fix that needs to be applied to your agent links to get them working. PM an educator and they will get the agents to apply this fix.
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