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BB curve 8520 internet settings?

Started by: danny198912
On: 23/03/2012 | 16:25
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by: danny198912
on: 23/03/2012 | 16:25

Hello im new to GG, i purchased the £10 goodybag... calls, txts, unlim net...

My question is... how do i simply use the internet? i'm not asking to use bb services such as messenger.. i just want to use the browser.

Thanks in advance for your replies.


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by: mtahir7
on: 23/03/2012 | 16:25
See this guide. It will explain
Get a free giffgaff Sim
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by: ayesha_uk23
on: 23/03/2012 | 16:46
You will have to enter the settings in manually Smiley Happy
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by: danny198912
on: 23/03/2012 | 17:50

I've just looked and i'm a little confused? it says i cannot use the internet on blackberry without having the BB add on (which i dont want, because i wont use it), i have unlimited internet so why cant i use it!???

it says i need to install a alternative browser... but i don't have a cable to transfer the files from my pc to my phone, this is stupid!

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by: cbaddiley
on: 23/03/2012 | 18:11

Everything you need to know about giffgaffing a BlackBerry can be found in this excellent post:


Did you buy a BlackBerry Add On with your chosen goodybag? If you forgot to buy the BlackBerry Add On at the same time as the goodybag, you are stuck with it for next 30 days. There are work arounds. See above link.


The BlackBerry Add On MUST ALWAYS be purchased at the same time as a goodybag for it  to work.

If you use the internet, I recommend the £10 goodybag + £3.00 blackberry add on. Total price per month = £13.00.


I'm on the £5.00 Hokey Cokey goodybag with the £3 BlackBerry Add On. It gives me BBM and BB push E-mail only which is fine for me. I don't need web access. If I do though, i still can but it will be charged @ 20p for the first 20mb and then 20p per MB after that. You must have credit on your gg account for internet access with the BB browser, otherwise no internet.

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