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Started by: prawnhsu
On: 27/12/2011 | 13:00
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by: prawnhsu
on: 27/12/2011 | 13:00

Hi, I've recently barred my sim and orderred for a replacement sim, and giffgaff recently sent me an email thanking me for ordering a sim for a friend. Is that supposed to mean the same? And I heard there's a difference between a replacement sim and a new sim for a new user. I just want to make sure I'm not doing the wrong thing here.




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by: kmp
on: 27/12/2011 | 13:01
Have you passed out your sim order link to friends? Perhaps someone ordered one. You're right though, a replacement sim is different from a new sim, but if your old sim has been barred you've done it the right way.
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by: thegamer158
on: 27/12/2011 | 13:02
When you receive the replacement sim, it will be barred and you will also have to contact an agent to unbar it
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by: welshdragon92
on: 27/12/2011 | 13:02
Make sure u ordered one from here
Microsims here
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by: siara
on: 27/12/2011 | 13:02
a replacement sim is differant to the sim for a friend
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by: bonusball
on: 27/12/2011 | 13:03

Just use the code when the sim arrives. If the code is incorrect your sim wont activate.

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by: goonerrick
on: 27/12/2011 | 13:09
Yes there is a difference between the replacement SIM and the one for a friend.

The email about the SIM for a friend is what you get when a SIM is ordered via your url link, or from banners at the bottom of posts. Giffgaff do send you a spare SIM just after you join.

When you activate the replacement SIM you won't have to top up. The SIM for a friend will ask for £10 to complete activation.

The security bar on the replacement SIM should lift when you activate. Sometimes this doesn't happen and you then have to contact an agent.

Hope this helps.

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by: sidbrazil
on: 27/12/2011 | 13:09
Did you order your replacement sim by going to

If you did order your sim correctly when you go to, your number won't be displayd
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