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Best mid-range phone?

Started by: jav_786
On: 08/01/2012 | 15:00
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by: jav_786
on: 08/01/2012 | 15:00
Im really keen on a blackberry 9300 3g but with Giffgaff taking years to get BIS implemented, what other good phones are there?
main uses are...
- texting
- web browsing
- social networking
cheers guys x
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by: drlatheef
on: 08/01/2012 | 15:02
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by: alweb
on: 08/01/2012 | 15:03

android phones are quite popular like the wildfire s or the galaxy mini or orange san francisco

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by: morvin
on: 08/01/2012 | 15:03
Orange San Francisco, Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini, Samsung Galaxy S, HTC Wildfire or Sensation
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by: md2011
on: 08/01/2012 | 15:04
iPhone all the way!!
Android are good too!!
Blackberry should be active soon too!!!
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Microsims Available too.
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by: ahad
on: 08/01/2012 | 15:10
I would recommend the HTC wildfire S or if you are looking for a preowned one, you can get a HTC desire off ebay for around 100 pounds Smiley Happy HTC's are very reliable Smiley Happy
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by: becblue
on: 08/01/2012 | 15:11

Dont go for blackberry i just got rid of mine 2 many problems, htc seems 2 be the popular mid range or samsung 

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by: mistertee
on: 08/01/2012 | 15:14

The new samsung tocco are very good handsets, also the samsung wave. is around £100 from carphone warehouse, but is brilliant handset all round.

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by: nosh
on: 08/01/2012 | 15:15
nokiaa are Gurd soo are iphones and htc are Gurd aswell But this question shuld be off topic btw
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by: pad2
on: 08/01/2012 | 15:15
im just trying the galaxy ace and really enjoying it. but saying that its my first android. pity iv got to pass it on to my son Smiley Happy
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