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Blackberry 8520 - cannot send SMS (can receive OK)

Started by: bethany_s
On: 27/03/2011 | 17:35
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by: bethany_s
on: 27/03/2011 | 17:35

Newbie GG, please treat me gently !!

I have been trawling the boards for 2 days now to ensure I have the correct settings for my "new" Curve 8520.  I can receive SMS messages, but cannot send them, seen on some posts that others can reply to messages - no details on how that issue was sorted though.   Any advise will be gratefully received and kudos for the "winner" Smiley Happy

Thanks in advance



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by: bethany_s
on: 08/04/2011 | 20:15

Thanks to all that have contributed to this trail - this is now sorted by a bit more net searching and hopefully will help the next person with this sort of issue.


It was down to the fact that this was an ex-corporate device.  The IT Security policy prevented the sending of SMS messages in favour of normal auditable email traffic. The solution was to reset the device back to the factory defaults and if required, reinstalling of the OS. All of these processes, ;with 2 free to download applications to factory reset, plus idiot proof instructions on the OS reinstall can be found at the following URL :


Thanks again, kudos' awarded


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by: aks782
on: 27/03/2011 | 17:37
Turn phone off and give that sim a thorough clean, i know it sounds stupid but some people report it helps! Smiley Happy

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by: mohseenothman
on: 27/03/2011 | 17:38

Unfortunately, Blackberrys are not fully supported on giffgaff yet. Calls and texts will work fine, but the internet won't. This is because giffgaff have not yet implemented their own Blackberry internet Services (BIS) server. Therefore, applications which require BIS such as Blackberry Messenger, Blackberry Browser and Blackberry Mail will not work on giffgaff.


However, there are a few work-arounds to this issue so you can still use a Blackberry on giffgaff. To learn them, see


giffgaff have said that they plan on being blackberry friendly sometime this year, but they haven't given us a specific date yet. The idea has been proposed and it may be worth giving it Kudos to show your support:


If you've tried the work-arounds and your net still doesn't work, it may be because you have a data bar. Not to worry, this is normal with a few new activations and can easily be removed by contacting an agent and requesting them to remove it.


You can contact an agent directly here:

They take up to 24 hours to respond (sometimes they're quicker) and their replies can be seen here:


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by: darrenpainter
on: 27/03/2011 | 17:41

Make sure the sms message centre is correctly set to giffgaff's number


Scroll to Options,

press the Trackball

Scroll to SMS

press the Trackball

Scroll to Service Centre

enter +447802002606

Press the BlackBerry key

scroll to Save

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by: bethany_s
on: 27/03/2011 | 17:49 edited: 27/03/2011 | 20:21

Thank you all for the extra-ordinary speed of the responses.  I have checked and confirmed the SMS Centre number, I will try the clean and advise if that actually worked as soon as done.  The 'net part I am not fussed about at this point in time, so all of that will be a future project.  Perhaps one thing I should have mentioned is/was that this BB device is a ex corporate one.  Does any of the security settings or BES related settings need to be changed/removed ?  As per subject - i can recieve SMS' just not send.

Thanks to all


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by: aks782
on: 27/03/2011 | 17:52
How is calling no the device, working OK?

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by: gawright
on: 27/03/2011 | 17:53
You do have credit or a goodybag with texts don't you?

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by: bethany_s
on: 27/03/2011 | 20:15
This works OK - making and recieving call is fine. As is recieving texts - just cannot send.
Thanks and regards
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by: gawright
on: 27/03/2011 | 20:20
can you reply to a text sent to you, rather than sending one by selecting the number from your contacts?

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by: bethany_s
on: 27/03/2011 | 20:39
I think this may be leading somewhere ... i do noit have a "reply" option when reading the just recieved message. adn in the list of messages, it has a clock icon at the start of the line. This seems ti indicate "waiting to send" or some sort of timing thing. Does this make any sense ?
Thanks to all for this advice.
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