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Blackberry 9720 giffgaff Set-up

Started by: connerr
On: 09/05/2012 | 21:28
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by: connerr
on: 09/05/2012 | 21:28

Hello, does anyone know how to set up a Blackberry 9720 to Giffgaff so everything works like Internet, BBM, calling and texting? Please tell me if you know. Your finest regards,: Conner Man Happy 


P.S : You need more updates on how to setup NEW blackberry's giffy Smiley Tongue

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by: mickf
on: 09/05/2012 | 21:29 - a guide to setting up your blackberry on giffgaff

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by: cbaddiley
on: 09/05/2012 | 21:35

BlackBerry Add On MUST ALWAYS be purchased at the same time as a goodybag for you to surf the internet with the BlackBerry Browser as all the web traffic is routed through the BlackBerry Servers before you view it.


The £3.00 BlackBerry Add On gives you three things:


1) BlackBerry Messenger

2) BlackBerry push Email

3) Activates the BlackBerry web browser


If you use the internet regularly, I recommend the £10.00 goodybag + £3.00 BlackBerry Add On. Total price per month = £13.00. You'll get unlimited internet via official BB Web Browser, BBM and BB push Email.


Otherwise you can browse occasionally with the BlackBerry web browser (for extra data cost) if your chose the £5.00 Hokey Cokey goodybag +£3.00 BlackBerry Add On, although data charges can eat into your credit quickly with this package.


Everything you need to know about setting up your BlackBerry on giffgaff can be found here:

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by: almashhud
on: 09/05/2012 | 21:35
see here
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by: ikky24786
on: 09/05/2012 | 22:39 - a guide to setting up your blackberry on giffgaff
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