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Blackberry Curve 9320 Won't Turn On...Help!

Started by: saracakes
On: 09/12/2013 | 19:41
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by: saracakes
on: 09/12/2013 | 19:41

So I left my blackberry in my handbag and took it out after 2 hours to use it and it was completely dead and wouldn't turn on. It had about 70% battery left...maybe more.


So as I was out I took the battery out of the device and wiped it and put it back in. The red light came on for about 8 seconds then NOTHING happened. 


When I got home I updated all software on it. Its being recognised by desktop software.


I pluged it in to the proper wall charger and it started doing a sequence of red light flashes (It would flash then stop, then start again for four flashed)

So I left it on charger and then a green light appearanced.  Also whilst the screen remained off (theres no screen damage whatsoever so I didnt drop it etc) but the keypad lite up...


I tried keeping it in the charger but removing the battery and putting it back in to see if it reboots it.


Should I just leave to charge overnight? What else can I try?

Any help is greatly appreciated! 

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by: diablos
on: 09/12/2013 | 19:43

Did yor bag and phone get wet by any chance?
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by: bengalknights
on: 09/12/2013 | 19:44
Keep the battery off for 24 hours and see how it goes
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by: saracakes
on: 09/12/2013 | 19:44

No... I was inside at a friends house. No liquids near my bag etc.

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by: saracakes
on: 09/12/2013 | 19:45

So do nothing?

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by: saracakes
on: 09/12/2013 | 20:03

Any suggestions? ..

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