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Blackberry Q5 10 BBM data activation help?

Started by: uzmacode
On: 24/07/2013 | 23:12
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by: uzmacode
on: 24/07/2013 | 23:12

Hey guys I need to know how to activate my data settings so I can use bbm? To confirm I have the latest version of BlackBerry on 10 so I don't require an add on secondly it no longer has options or advance settings so I'm not sure where to go? I have checked TCP all seems right on the mark. BlackBerry support confirmed everything is set up jus need my service provider to activate my data settings all is in working order other than bbm which has no connection with add on. I'm wondering if taken my phone to where I purchased could help?

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by: rooneygmusic
on: 24/07/2013 | 23:13

Guide to a BB10 device, new handset running BlackBerry 10.If you have a BlackBerry 10 device, then you will not need the BB add-on.
Go to home screen and select Options, then Device, then Advanced System Settings > TCP/IP
Enter the APN :
user name: giffgaff
password: password
Press the BB Menu key and select Save.
see more on this guide to setting up your blackberry 10 on giffgaffIf

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by: flaxvert
on: 24/07/2013 | 23:13

Guide with pictures Click Here

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by: mufc2011
on: 25/07/2013 | 00:00
Blackberry Settings

Go to home screen and select Options, then Device, then Advanced System Settings > TCP/IP

Enter the APN :

user name: giffgaff

password: password

Press the BB Menu key and select Save.

(BB Add-on)
(Blackberry internet settings) -

Blackberry Legacy Guide if you wanted to use internet without the Blackberry Addon from the above internet settings Link

The addon needed to be purchased the same time as your goodybag selection

•When you have brought the bb addon...
•Take battery out for 2 mins
•Can also take up until 24 hours to register with RIM
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by: mohammed2k12
on: 25/07/2013 | 00:26
Try resetting your phone this should help
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by: mr_stephen
on: 25/07/2013 | 00:28 edited: 25/07/2013 | 00:29

mohammed2k12 wrote:
Try resetting your phone this should help

Do you mean 'restarting'?  'Resetting' is a bit different!

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by: uzmacode
on: 25/07/2013 | 21:08

Thanks all for your suggestions I did mean re setting sorry fonts don't show up as well from fone so can't always see what iv typed lol. I don't need BlackBerry add on and I can't find the advance settings like that thru this version which is why I'm confused the agent is saying now check service books but BlackBerry have told me service provider need to activate data from their side I really can't understand.

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