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Blackberry gmail

Started by: chezza7171
On: 17/02/2012 | 09:59
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by: chezza7171
on: 17/02/2012 | 09:59

Hi, All i want to access on my blackberry 8110 pearl is my gmail. what do i need to purchase from giffgaff? and it says i have no working data connection, what do i do? tks

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by: ushjoban
on: 22/11/2012 | 17:08
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Hi woody, I have downloaded dropbox but cannot unzip and download it, I have a 9320 could you please help me?
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by: sufta
on: 17/02/2012 | 09:59

you need to buy a goodybag as well as a bb add on 

See here -

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by: xyzabc12341000
on: 17/02/2012 | 09:59
You needs to buy a £10 or more goodybag an purchase the £3 blackberry add on with it
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by: vish14
on: 17/02/2012 | 10:00
You need a BIS add on which is £3 more

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by: bengalknights
on: 17/02/2012 | 10:01
Goodybag and bb add on.
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by: morvin
on: 17/02/2012 | 10:01
Follow this guide
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by: chezza7171
on: 17/02/2012 | 10:02

yes done that, now what? what are the settings it wont send themm to me automatically

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by: stormbringer79
on: 17/02/2012 | 10:02

Once you have purchased your goodybag and BB add on and they are both active head over to this post, hopefully you will find the answers to any BlackBerry related questions you may have Smiley Happy

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by: chezza7171
on: 17/02/2012 | 10:03

So my £5 one wont do?

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by: eddnoon
on: 17/02/2012 | 10:07
How I use gmail on my £10 goodybag is use opera mini and my web browser and go through that.

Gmail is internet so you'll need either a goodybag with data, a gigabag or credit to use it Smiley Happy
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