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Blackberry whatsapp not working

Started by: sammybenboy
On: 16/01/2012 | 17:16
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by: sammybenboy
on: 16/01/2012 | 17:16

I have full bars on my signal strength (GPRS) but whatsapp isn't sending messages. I'm just getting the little red clocks next to my messages. This is the second time it's happened today. Any advice?

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by: bcfc_nick9
on: 16/01/2012 | 17:18
it will be the internet on your blackburry the internet setting are giffgaff as the username and password Smiley Happy
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by: bailey777
on: 16/01/2012 | 17:19

Do what i did and just simply take a hammer to the device with great vengeance!

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by: sammybenboy
on: 16/01/2012 | 17:21

All the TCP settings are put in. It was working earlier!! Smiley Sad

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by: eddnoon
on: 16/01/2012 | 17:21
its not a giffgaff or bb problem it will be whatsapp. Some times it just decides not to send. Simply restart and reload and itll work Smiley Happy
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by: fatboy_786
on: 16/01/2012 | 17:21
goody bag could be finished, if just started then restart phone? or you can get manual internet settings of giffgaff for the phone
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by: eddnoon
on: 16/01/2012 | 17:25
its a whatsapp problem. Ive just restarted and its now not working for me. Ive turned mobile network off so it isnt giffgaff. And it isnt my wifi as the internet is working. So its the app

hope this helps Smiley Happy

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by: solid247
on: 16/01/2012 | 17:27
If all else fails re install whatsapp Smiley Happy
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by: knoppixeu
on: 16/01/2012 | 17:28
Sounds like a WhatsApp problem, check here for the lastest updates!/wa_status
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by: pitney
on: 16/01/2012 | 17:30
Have you tryed deleting the app then re installing it again? Good luck Smiley Happy
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