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Block Withheld Phone Numbers

Started by: jjjamie011
On: 24/05/2011 | 17:02
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by: jjjamie011
on: 24/05/2011 | 17:02

Hi I need to block withheld phone numbers coming to my phone, how do i do this?

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by: aiya_x
on: 24/05/2011 | 17:04
you'll have to call up the phone company and see if they can manually block the number that's phoning you. not sure if it
will work since it's a withheld number but it's worth a try Smiley Happy
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by: usmaanh1990
on: 24/05/2011 | 17:05
i dont think giffgaff support this. but i think an agent may be able to do this for you. use this link to contact them

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by: manda2011
on: 24/05/2011 | 17:05
What type of phone do you have?
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by: samirah1990
on: 24/05/2011 | 17:07

contact an agen an ask them nicely if they can do it for you

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by: manda2011
on: 24/05/2011 | 17:09
Giffgaff can't put a block on private numbers, the only way to stop them is to change your number! Or if you have an android phone there's free apps available to block unknown and unwanted numbes
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by: laurenm
on: 24/05/2011 | 17:17
If you're getting nuisance calls you can have your number changed. I'd only recommend this if it's been going on a long time though.
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by: samsams88
on: 24/05/2011 | 17:22
if youre on an iphone and youre willing to jailbreak theres an app called iblacklist which does that amongst other things Smiley Happy also i believe certain other phones have the functionality built in...
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by: canary1
on: 24/05/2011 | 17:28

Unfortunately this is beyond giffgaffs control and they will be unable to assist you.

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by: davidoff59
on: 24/05/2011 | 18:48

I think they will be able to help you as if you look at the terms and conditions,


18.1. You authorise us to use and disclose, in the UK and abroad, information about you, your use of the Service (including, but not limited to, phone numbers/email addresses of calls, texts and other communications "Communications" made and received by you and the date, duration, time and cost of such Communications) 


Im not sure if they will help you, but they keep track of your phone usage so they should know the numbers of those calling you on a private no, so in theory, they could block them. It may be a lot of work but its possible. 

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