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Block a number from texting or calling iPhone 5

Started by: bluenosejak
On: 18/12/2012 | 22:56
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by: bluenosejak
on: 18/12/2012 | 22:56

Hi does anyone know any apps that will enable me to block calls and texts from a specific number sadly no jailbreak out as there are apps on cydia that would've done it with ease 





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by: morvin
on: 18/12/2012 | 22:58
Check out the App Store, They wont be free
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by: judgejudy
on: 18/12/2012 | 22:59
i think there's one called Mrblocker on the apple store
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by: farnis
on: 18/12/2012 | 22:59

Its a pain but if its really important then change your number. Smiley Sad

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by: adam98675
on: 18/12/2012 | 23:00
No sorry there isn't a way, because apple have locked the iPhone down, which makes it so secure, but does mean that apps can access the phones inner workings, and giffgaff don't offer this function sorry, you could change your number if you wish, if your Reciveing unwanted alls or texts, Just contact an agent -
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by: nosh2
on: 18/12/2012 | 23:01
dnt think theres many free erm buh if u cant find one u can change ur number
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by: georgiecovell
on: 18/12/2012 | 23:03

Try BuzzOff or Call Blocker Pro on the App Store Smiley Happy


Hope this helps


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by: bigdeanus
on: 18/12/2012 | 23:03

download a silent rintone and set it to that contact ya wont notice the calls then

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by: stanmullan23
on: 18/12/2012 | 23:06
Try an app it might work
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