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Blocking Private Calls

Started by: waqarasif
On: 14/08/2011 | 21:43
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by: waqarasif
on: 14/08/2011 | 21:43

Is it Possible To Block Private Calls on GiffGaff?

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by: morvin
on: 14/08/2011 | 21:43
If you have a smartphone, you can download apps for that.
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by: mba_263
on: 14/08/2011 | 21:44
not via GG but you may have a phone that can do it
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by: andreww
on: 14/08/2011 | 21:44
As per previous answer on your other thread
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by: ajh94
on: 14/08/2011 | 21:48
Phone settings & apps for smartphones can do it but GiffGaff cannot im afraid

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by: voodoomama
on: 14/08/2011 | 21:52

GG can only give you a new number. not block incoming numbers

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by: paulryan37
on: 14/08/2011 | 22:15

You can download apps tha do it

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by: fanila
on: 14/08/2011 | 22:38
its ur phone that does it not gg
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by: waynelisa
on: 14/08/2011 | 22:41
If you have iPhone you can use iPhone blacklist which is really good but not to sure non other phones. There may be somethin for android phones.

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