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Started by: sarahtink85
On: 21/05/2011 | 12:56
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by: jamesd2010
on: 21/05/2011 | 13:05

Hi Sarah,


Unfortunately it is not possible to change your username within this forum, mainly because your username not only applies to your forum name, but also your giffgaff account, and is used to recognise you also (for example affiliate link). Also, it has been mentioned that Lithium (Forum software) doesn't have the ability for staff to do this for you.


The only thing I can advise is for you to create a new account, this is if you desperately want to change it. As if you make a new account, you'd have a new number and would loose your current points and credit. Of course you can use both accounts, but I'd recommend you just stay with your current account, it would be much easier than going through many complicated things just for a username.

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by: skymera
on: 21/05/2011 | 13:08
Unfortunately you cannot change your name Smiley Sad
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by: thesaint
on: 21/05/2011 | 13:31
No.You'd need to open a new account with new username.If you report as lost you'd. Get credit transferred.
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by: wilky
on: 21/05/2011 | 13:42
ask Vincent is David M they are the forum admins with the power
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by: shuaib
on: 21/05/2011 | 13:55
No need for a capital letter?
If I have helped you please feel free to kudos me Smiley Happy
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