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Started by: rjden1
On: 15/09/2018 | 20:56
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by: rjden1
on: 15/09/2018 | 20:56

I have been told I have used all my goody bag call minutes but am struggling to see how. Where can I get a breakdown of calls made, length etc? 

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by: darthvader2016
on: 15/09/2018 | 20:58
Hi @rjden1
Sorry giffgaff don't provide itemised billing by default, however you can get a mini personalised usage statement. The personalised usage and points statement gives you a snapshot of your recent usage. For more details please check out this knowledge base link.

However, It is possible usage records (up to 3 months) by contacting a giffgaff agent. You can contact a giffgaff agent here

giffgaff agents can take up to 24 hours to answer the posted question, but are usually quite quick to reply.

Any replies can be found in “Messages from Agents” box that can be found on your "My Giffgaff" page, or the webpage can be accessed here
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by: rjden1
on: 15/09/2018 | 21:40
Thank you
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