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Caller tunes on my iPhone 5s

Started by: ray_786
On: 15/01/2015 | 18:41
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by: ray_786
on: 15/01/2015 | 18:41
i guess that gg don't do the caller tunes but I rang EE FOR MY dad so I also asked them if they did the caller tune when you a ring a friend he/she songs playes while you get connected to the call. But EE SAID there are 3rdparty apps as they don't do it any more. I would like to know if there are any good apps that I can download for the caller tune someone that's good will help me plz
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by: pbzepplin
on: 15/01/2015 | 19:24
I'm not sure what you mean, your sentence isn't overly precise.

Do you mean that you want individual ringtones for your contacts?

If so then I don't know how EE, not the phone it self, would do this and I've never heard of giffgaff doing this.

You don't specify what phone you have but if it's an iPhone, as far as I know, you can't. They're trouble as it is with setting a general ringtone and I've never seen or heard about individual ringtones.
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by: miaoxian1
on: 15/01/2015 | 19:35
Hi try looking on appstore for them
Get a free giffgaff Sim
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by: rashidnzito
on: 02/06/2016 | 19:21
How do I set a caller tune on my iPhone
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