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Can I activate my giffgaff SIM beforehand here in Japan four months before I reach England?

Started by: bikerchic1
On: 13/07/2018 | 04:04
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by: bikerchic1
on: 13/07/2018 | 04:04

I have recieved my sim I am still in thailand I leave in 3 week's is it okay to activate my sim a couple of days before I leave 

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by: chef_ronin
on: 13/07/2018 | 04:26
Hi @bikerchic1,

You can follow this guide for steps on activating your new SIM.

Please note the goodybag services only work in the UK or when roaming in the EU(will need to be used the UK first) .

SIM Activations can take between 30 minutes and 24 hours to complete, when the activation is fully completed under your dashboard here .
Hope this helps
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by: dlucy
on: 13/07/2018 | 07:36
Hi @bikerchic1

Yes, you can activate. However, you'll need airtime credit to use service in Thailand and goodybag work only in UK and EU only. Also, goodybag is valid for a month and start from the day you purchase.
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by: bikerchic1
on: 14/07/2018 | 03:48
I wont be using it in thailand i just want to know i have a phone as soon as i get to heathrow
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by: pauldc73
on: 14/07/2018 | 04:21

Yes.  Just make sure data roaming and mobile data both are switched off - this will ensure any credit you may have on your account will not be inadvertently used.  Activate your goody bag before you leave for the UK using another Internet connection and you will be good!

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