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Can I buy GiffGaff SIM card in shop?

Started by: gleebat
On: 06/02/2012 | 14:27
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by: gleebat
on: 06/02/2012 | 14:27

I waiting 5 days for this SIM card and now  I can't use it, because unable to activate and Agent tell me that I need offered her again. WTF?  Can I buy this SIM card in the shop? Stupid system. For what need this activation? It's simple like 2+2. 


Or do it this activation without any problems. I'm like new customer want get good service. 

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by: morvin
on: 06/02/2012 | 14:28
Giffgaff is an online company. They don't have stores. But Some people have given sims to the shops to sell it.

Order again.

Activation is required to get the sim working
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by: bonusball
on: 06/02/2012 | 14:29

You can only get the sims online.

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by: d_eagleton
on: 06/02/2012 | 14:29 edited: 06/02/2012 | 14:35

Nah can't get them in shops mate, just order a new one, annoying I know but they're free after all Smiley Happy


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by: pjr
on: 06/02/2012 | 14:29 edited: 06/02/2012 | 14:30
Sorry, are you saying that an agent has told you to order a new sim? Unfortunately, you can't buy them in a shop. Edit spelling correction
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by: ajenno
on: 06/02/2012 | 14:30
Get them online.
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by: nana
on: 06/02/2012 | 14:32
No you cannot and what exactly is your problem during activation?
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by: bluemoonbaz
on: 06/02/2012 | 14:32
online only . you could ask if any members in your area if you need one
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by: othalian
on: 06/02/2012 | 14:49
I have one for £15 and you get £5 back when you sign up. ;-)

No, don't ever buy a Giffgaff SIM because they are free. Just request one from Giffgaff and it will be with you in a few days.
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by: eddnoon
on: 06/02/2012 | 14:50
just order a new one mate Smiley Happy
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