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Can I put my sim card into any 02 phone?

Started by: borophil
On: 16/12/2011 | 00:07
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by: borophil
on: 16/12/2011 | 00:07

Thinking of buying a new phone, if I buy an o2 payg phone can I stick my sim card straight in?

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by: smaugsbane
on: 16/12/2011 | 00:08

Yes, that should work.


(Very old O2 PAYG phones were sometimes locked not just to the network, but also to O2 PAYG - but that's not true nowadays).

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by: l33d5
on: 16/12/2011 | 00:10
yes you can mate Smiley Happy

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by: borophil
on: 16/12/2011 | 00:13
good answers, cheers!
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by: jokeyboi77
on: 16/12/2011 | 00:13
yes u can m8 because i was with o2 and have an o2 fone and never got it unlockd because gg works on the o2 ntwrk so u can get ure new fone and njoy gg
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by: g1x3r
on: 16/12/2011 | 00:15

Yuo can , but if its a tescos network o2 phone it may need unlocking.

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by: othalian
on: 16/12/2011 | 00:22
Hi borophil,

It might be possible but you could ask the shop assistant if you can try it prior to the purchase. The other method is you could purchase an unlocked phone and which would permit you to use sims from other countries when on holiday. Much more flexability I would say.

Hope this helps
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by: mary_r_t
on: 16/12/2011 | 00:25

You will need to install the giffgaff internet settings but apart from that it should work just fine.

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by: bluemoonbaz
on: 16/12/2011 | 00:26
Yes m8 you can no problem as giffgaff run on 02 .. If its a std phone text 2020 for setting s or if a smart phone ..
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by: jo2010
on: 16/12/2011 | 00:28
Yes you are correct, you can purchase any O2 phone and the giffgaff sim will be comparable, make sure you check the price of an unlocked one as sometimes the O2 version can be more expensive
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