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Can I use my sim abroad in Egypt

Started by: moynur_miah
On: 21/05/2012 | 03:46
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by: moynur_miah
on: 21/05/2012 | 03:46
Please help!!!
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by: thegamer158
on: 21/05/2012 | 03:48
Giffgaff sims do work abroad, but it is best to check with the O2 site to confirm that there is service in the country you’re going to.

For any calls, texts or internet use outside the UK, international prices will apply. This will be charged from your credit and NOT your goodybag. Goodybags are for UK use only.

For a list of prices check the following link and scroll down for the international rates:

For Further information check this link:

List of countries that giffgaff sims will work in:
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by: alyamani
on: 21/05/2012 | 03:49

moynur_miah wrote:
Please help!!!

Yes you can, and these are GiffGaff Partners in Egypt:


Vodafone Egypt Telecommunications S.A.E (vodafone)

Vodafone Egypt Telecommunications S.A.E (Vodafone)

Etisalat Misr (Etisalat)

Etisalat Misr (Etisalat)

ECMS-Mobinil (Mobinil)

ECMS-Mobinil (Mobinil)



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by: dave005
on: 21/05/2012 | 03:50
Yes you sure can use it abroad 100%

Please see below

*Roaming in other countrys*

Roaming should be set as default though by giffgaff so it should be turned on but you may have to enable it yourself with using the guide below

*Want to make sure roaming is set on/off*

Manual- Make sure that roaming is set on in your internet/wireless settings if you want to enable roaming.

|Turn Roaming & Data Usage Off|

Switch off Cellular/Mobile Data or switch off Data Roaming in your phone settings found below

General>Settings>Network, Cellular/Mobile Data, This will avoid the huge roaming data charges.

Internet Data Roaming(usage) Charges : 1.50 per mb in EU and 5.00 per mb rest of world

|Goodybags dont work out the UK|

|Blackberry Add-on users|
bb add-on with payg credit will work abroad but not the goodybags

giffgaff Prices:

(written by dave005)
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