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Can someone please send me the link to ask an agent a question?

Started by: laura_emmett
On: 21/06/2016 | 13:27
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by: laura_emmett
on: 21/06/2016 | 13:27

I've got a problem that can only be dealt with by them. However I'm having difficulty finding the area of the site which allows me to directly ask an agent a question. Even when I select 'agent messages' it just allows me to search for commonly asked questions instead of my own . Please help!

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by: victether
on: 21/06/2016 | 13:28
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by: smiler667
on: 21/06/2016 | 13:29
Hello @laura_emmett & welcome to the giffgaff Community

To contact an agent follow the link below , please note agents may take up to 24 hrs to reply to any queries.

giffgaff agent replies can be found in the “Messages From Agents” box on your “My Giffgaff” page or you can access it directly by following this link
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by: solid247
on: 21/06/2016 | 13:32
ah sorry we dont post to cruisers have a good cruise 😀
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