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Can you use an o2 top up voucher for giff gaff?

Started by: shaqibhussain99
On: 24/01/2011 | 18:06
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by: shaqibhussain99
on: 24/01/2011 | 18:06

can you use an o2 top up voucher for giff gaff activation?

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by: nnj10
on: 24/01/2011 | 18:06 edited: 24/01/2011 | 18:07

Yes you can, Just enter 16 digit PIN during SIM activation process.

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by: ovolactohippo
on: 24/01/2011 | 18:07 edited: 24/01/2011 | 18:08

Yes, you can.  You'd probably be better off with a giffgaff voucher (they are available but often people in shops don't realise they are on their systems) because the O2 vouchers may take a little while to register on the system.


EDIT:  Here for the activation guide bit on paying by voucher:

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by: harima
on: 24/01/2011 | 18:07
yep Smiley Happy

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by: matt1111
on: 24/01/2011 | 18:07
The answer is Yes. Since giffgaff run on 02's network their vouchers will work. it might not work first time, but if you keep trying eventually it will go through as the system needs to update. Smiley Happy

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by: mario_boyz
on: 24/01/2011 | 18:07 edited: 24/01/2011 | 18:09

hi shaqibhussain, yes you can, but you will have to put it in a few times, but youd be better with a giffgaff one Smiley Happy
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by: dmct
on: 24/01/2011 | 18:07
Yes u may have to type it in a couple of times but just keep trying and it will work.
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by: kcoyle
on: 24/01/2011 | 18:08
yes you can Smiley Happy i prefer buying an normal giffgaff one thou as alot off people have said they have had problems topping up with an o2 voucher Smiley Happy
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by: thesaint
on: 24/01/2011 | 18:08

Yes.bettr with A gg one as it goes through the system quicker.Salud,Les

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by: alweb69
on: 24/01/2011 | 18:09

you can use an o2 top up voucher just put in the 16 digits where it says top up by voucher

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