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Cannot access Internet on galaxy tab

Started by: skutterdan1701
On: 05/04/2011 | 06:32
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by: skutterdan1701
on: 05/04/2011 | 06:32
I've had giffgaff on my tab for several months. I currently have £10 goodybag. As I have done each month. Recently I am unable to access the Internet despite having a full 5 bar signal and on 3G or HSPDA. In the same locations where I could access I now no longer have Internet access or it is very intermittent.
My apn settings haven't changed. I have tried resetting them using the giffgaffapn tool on Android. I have rebooted the Tab several times. I have removed and installed the sim several times.
I have checked O2 service status. Everything is fine according to them.
What is happening? How do I sort this out?!
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by: neil40
on: 05/04/2011 | 06:37
There seems to be an issue with the internet on giffgaff just now.Hopefully it can be sorted today!.
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by: skutterdan1701
on: 05/04/2011 | 06:50
I hope so. Though the cynical part of me thinks this could be O2's doing given how they treat thier own users with regards to data and the Internet.
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by: chubuking
on: 05/04/2011 | 07:30
Internet is back up now.

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i always try to give to correct answer so please kudos and accept as solution when i do
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by: dragonahcas
on: 05/04/2011 | 07:38
I had same problems between 7 and now, its all working again as of 5 minutes ago.
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by: skutterdan1701
on: 05/04/2011 | 07:49

Nope. I still have no internet access.


APN setting correct. even reset them using the Giffgaffaopn tool.


Galaxy Tab rebooted.


Wifi is off.


Full signal. On hsdpa.


No internet. 


Phone seems to be trying to connect as the upload arrow is green but nowt is coming back. 

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by: nigelhayman
on: 05/04/2011 | 07:50
Whoopee.......all working.......well done Giffgaff!
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by: dragonahcas
on: 05/04/2011 | 07:53

Best thing is to just hold off for an hour or so and come back if any other problems. I think it's slowly coming back to different areas again.

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by: skutterdan1701
on: 05/04/2011 | 11:01

Well i had internet and data access for all of 10 minutes. I eventually managed to send an email, a mms and download a small app. Now i'm back at square 1 and internet / data access os off again.

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by: dragonahcas
on: 05/04/2011 | 11:06

Think the errors are across the whole country, waiting on an official announcement from the guys. My internet has been fine since I last posted. Strange.

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