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Cannot log in-I have lost my email account

Started by: trebor1
On: 23/11/2011 | 13:00
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by: zippygeorgebungle
on: 23/11/2011 | 13:28
thats the issue how can gg send something to your registered email address if you dont have access to it. you must have a email address that has access to your account otherwise your stuffed when you cant log in.
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by: slamboom
on: 23/11/2011 | 13:29
Never mind I just tried that and they still email you. Not sure what you can do then other then start fresh like people have suggested. Or maybe an agent could help you regain access.
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by: johnnylager
on: 23/11/2011 | 13:30

@trebor1 wrote:


Sorry should have made it clearer. I have lost my log in details (username AND PASSWORD) giff will send a link via my email address which is also lost (feel an idiot) 

i think the only thing you can do is contact an agent with:

Your real name

Your address

The mobile number

The serial number off of the sim

The new email address you want to use


they should be able to reset the account and email the new password



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by: welshdragon92
on: 23/11/2011 | 13:30
I do believe if you contact an agent they will sort you out asking security questions ect
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by: slamboom
on: 23/11/2011 | 13:35
It's strange that you would lose access to both your email and giffgaff log in at the same time though to be honest.

Have you tried clearing the browsers cookies, checking the caps lock key isn't on and none of your keys are sticking etc when entering your password?
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