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Cant activate the replacement SIM

Started by: alikhanbradford
On: 21/04/2018 | 11:53
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by: alikhanbradford
on: 21/04/2018 | 11:53

I recently blocked my sim as I had lost it. I was sent a replacement sim and tried to activate it. It won’t let me access my account to activate it. What do I do

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by: sloz
on: 21/04/2018 | 11:56
Hi, could I ask what your correct username is or aren't you sure of that?
When you bar your sim you're then not able to log in with your number , do you need to use the username

Once your replacement sim is activated, you can then use your nunber or username again
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by: alikhanbradford
on: 21/04/2018 | 12:33

I cannot remember the username as I always used my number to login. 

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by: sloz
on: 21/04/2018 | 12:39 edited: 21/04/2018 | 12:49

What date approximately did you activate your previous sim
(when did you join giffgaff)

Do you heve a rough idea idea of the username or recall just part of it?
If you could offer a guess perhaps we can find it

Did you receive emails from giffgaff When topping up or ordering a sim?
Your correct username will be mentioned within those emails

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