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Cant make outgoing calls or send texts

Started by: stu990
On: 02/07/2014 | 22:03
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by: stu990
on: 02/07/2014 | 22:03

Hello i cant make outgoing calls or send texts, can anyone help?

Be much appreciated thanks in advance

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by: elbubsio
on: 02/07/2014 | 22:04


Try each of these things and see if they work.

1) Turn your phone off for 5 minutes and then restart.  This means powering it down completely, not just turning the screen off.

2)  Check for signal problems or maintenance with your local mast.  You can do that here -

3)  Try doing a manual roam.  This resets your phone's connection to the network.  You can find instructions for doing this here -

If you're still having problems, try taking your SIM out and popping it into a different phone and trying another SIM (from a different provider) in your phone.  This will help to determine if the problem lies with your phone or the SIM.

Hope that helps Smiley Wink

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by: miaoxian1
on: 02/07/2014 | 22:05
Hi try doing the manual roam in network settings and see if makes a difference
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by: mathew40
on: 02/07/2014 | 22:05
Hi there and thanks for visiting the community.
If you could please try turning your device OFF,wait 5 minutes,then turn your device ON again,as this can help in most cases.If your issue has not been resolved,check the signal in your area,by visiting or clicking onto the link below.
Please be aware that the website is updated hourly, so there may be a current issue that is not showing at the moment. Keep checking the signal checker website over the next few hours or so,cheersSmiley Very Happy.

If the signal checker is showing NO issues,you could also perform,a manual roam,which basically is searching for networks on your device.Go to your phones "settings" and Select mobile network options and Change the Network Selection Mode from Automatic to Manual and list of available networks will be displayed after a few moments.Select any other network that is not your home provider network and After a few moments you will see "No Service" on the display.Now select your home provider(which is o2) network and change the selection back to AutomaticSmiley Very Happy.
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by: fred_flintstone
on: 02/07/2014 | 22:05
Hi stu
Firstly check you have credit or a goodybag active by dialing these codes from your mobile

*100# Airtime credit balance
*100*7# Goodybag minutes balance

If you do start by rebooting your handset then

Check for mast or service issues

If that's ok try doing a manual roam
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by: dips18
on: 02/07/2014 | 22:08
When did you activate your sim card?
Have you checked that your goodybag still has allowance on it?? ( if you got goodybag)
If you only have AIRTIME CREDIT make sure theres enough money to make calls, texts. Go to your online account and check your DASHBOARD.
Also check your phones setting if its none of the above. You could also try a basic rebooting of the phone.
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by: lnb1996
on: 02/07/2014 | 22:08

Hi Stu, assuming you have Airtime Credit or a goodybag to cover the cost of calls/texts, can I suggest that you start by checking the giffgaff network status in your area to see if there are any local issues.


If the signal is fine, you can try manual roaming by following the link to guide below​/manual-roam/td-p/3345471

That can sort all types of issues!


Would also do no harm to reboot your mobile, if not already tried.

Please don't forget to Kudo if my post is helpful or mark as Best Answer if appropriate, thanks.
To get a free sim with £5 credit, click on the link below or if it's more urgent, send me a PM.
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by: stu990
on: 02/07/2014 | 22:11

Just checked my goodybag balance on my phone but says i have got 0 minutes left, but on my giffgaff online says i have 500 minutes n unlitmed text n 1 GB data.....

Any ideas to whats happened?

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by: djbonner07
on: 02/07/2014 | 22:11

Activated Today ? See here Complete Activation Guide - ➜

• Make sure your handset/device is locked on the o2 network or unlocked to any network otherwise it will not work, as giffgaff runs on the o2 network

⬜ giffgaff operates as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator using the o2 / Telefonica Network

• Otherwise >>>>

[ Possible Network Issues and Tips ]

The Basics >

⬜ Turn Off your Handset/Device for 30 seconds and then power back On or it might be a best option to Take the battery out for a minute and then place it back in your Handset/Device and power On

IPhone Users / Other , Go to > Settings > Turn On Airplane Mode ✈ and then Turn Off after about 30 seconds

(As you cannot take the battery out) > Only by going in side of it which I don't advise unless you are replacing a battery etc and you know what your doing , and I would not advise doing it in this situation.

Anyway >

If the above never worked > Try the rest of the options below please

⬜ See if theres any faults here by typing in your post code ➜

Unsure what network giffgaff runs on - giffgaff operates as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator using the o2 / Telefonica Network

⬜ Check your coverage here ➜ - o2 coverage checker

Still not working?

Try the rest below >

⬜ Try A Network Reset ➜

⬜ Also ➜ Hand clean the sim ( Very Soft )

● Otherwise -

[ Balance Short Codes ]

⬜ Dial ➜ *100# for your remaining credit

⬜ Dial ➜ *100*7# for your goodybag allowance

⬜ Online Dashboard : ➜ - online

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by: sloz
on: 02/07/2014 | 22:44
Have you purchased the goodybag on an old account you no longer use?

Text the word USERNAME to 43430
You'll receive a reply within 15 minutes confirming the username associated with the sim in your phone
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