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Cant send or receive mms on galaxy s3 internet

Started by: edd_mac
On: 06/05/2013 | 23:23
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by: amysewell2505
on: 06/05/2013 | 23:27
Have you got mms settings on? I turn mine off because sometimes iMessages on
My iPhone when sending a photo goes to mms so I turn it off to avoid extra charges. Maybe your Samsung has this feature and it's accidently off?
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by: harrybee1980
on: 06/05/2013 | 23:28 edited: 06/05/2013 | 23:31

Make sure you have credit as mms are not goodybag inclusive and cost 16p each ti send.

Also make sure WiFi is off and mobile internet is on.

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by: amysewell2505
on: 06/05/2013 | 23:30
Also mms cost extra 16p And do not come out of your Internet allowance so make sure you have credit
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by: harrybee1980
on: 06/05/2013 | 23:45
Just to add some phones require sending oneself a mms to initiate it. So try sending yourself one.
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by: ratty1987
on: 07/05/2013 | 00:02
Make sure you have credit on your phone. 16p per message
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by: jokeyboi77
on: 07/05/2013 | 00:29
Hi Edd Smiley Happy

Make sure you have the green circle activated next to your MMS access point name.

If you haven't here's how you do it mate.

Go to settings> then click more settings in the wireless&network section> then click mobile networks> then Access Point Names> and make sure you have the giffgaff settings switched on. Smiley Happy
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