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Cant send picture messages

Started by: yasmintaylor5
On: 27/07/2012 | 10:17
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by: yasmintaylor5
on: 27/07/2012 | 10:17



I can only send picture messages when I am connected to Wifi! Does anyone know why?????? its really annoying! I cant even send picture messages if I have full signal and 3G!! I also cant send them via Whatsapp either without being connected to Wifi!


Help please!!!!!

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by: ianmorland
handy giff-staffer

on: 27/07/2012 | 10:19

What handset are you using?

Developer | giffgaff support team (formally mobile apps team)
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by: bengalknights
on: 27/07/2012 | 10:19
Do you have enough credit
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by: jacko1059
on: 27/07/2012 | 10:19
Do you have credit and the right APN settings on your account and phone?
Good luck!
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by: alyamani
on: 27/07/2012 | 10:24


It is possible poor reception be the reason.  If your 3G is not showing on your screen then it is poor reception or you have not enabled 3G on your handset.

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by: emmalem2406
on: 27/07/2012 | 10:35

MMS messages aren't included in goodybags, you need credit

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by: eagle_eyed
on: 27/07/2012 | 10:36
Do you have credit?
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