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Change date of transfer number ?

Started by: tb_96
On: 15/10/2018 | 21:52
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by: tb_96
on: 15/10/2018 | 21:52

I've already requested to get my number to be transferred over to Giffgaff but I want to change the day it getd transferred is this possible ?

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by: smiler121786
on: 15/10/2018 | 21:53
As long as your number transfer isn't going to be transferred within 24 hours you contact a giffgaff agent ASAP and request to have yor number transfer date changed. To contact an giffgaff agent use this direct link

The giffgaff agent will try to get back to you as soon as possible however, during busy periods the agent may take up to 24 hours to answer your question.

The giffgaff agent replies can be found on your "Messages From Agents" box located on your "My Giffgaff" page or you can follow this direct link.
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by: tb_96
on: 15/10/2018 | 21:55
Hi thank for the information much appreciated have a nice day
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