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Change of number not completely worked?

Started by: murf78
On: 18/03/2019 | 21:36
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by: murf78
on: 18/03/2019 | 21:36

Hi, I changed  my number randomly through the GiffGaff service. When my girlfriend rings my old number it says it is not available, however my text messages are still going from that number rather than my new one. When I text from my new number she doesn’t recieve them but does from my old number. I am also not receiving texts to my new number but that number does ring out. Is there something else I need to do? Thanks

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by: mrjeeves
on: 18/03/2019 | 21:37
Hi @murf78

This is very common when switching phone numbers and using an iPhone. Please follow these steps to reset your number in iMessage:

1) Go to Settings
2) Go to Messages
3) Switch OFF iMessage
4) Go back to the Message settings and re-enable iMessage
5) Wait for it to finish activating iMessage
6) Once it's done, reboot your phone.

Your messages should now display the right number.

If it doesn't work also try this:
Go to the Settings Main Menu, followed by General > Reset > Reset Network Settings (This will also reset saved WiFi networks, mobile data options like usage limits and more!)

If you still need help, feel free to reply to my message and mention me @mrjeeves

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by: team_leader
on: 18/03/2019 | 22:36

Hi @murf78  


Sorry to hear you are experiencing problems, please restart the mobile, if this doesn't help then use the link below to contact an agent regarding this matter,



All other issues related to number transfers:


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