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Changes and new features - helpers updates thread

Started by: giffgaff-team
On: 20/08/2018 | 10:14
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by: giffgaff-team
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on: 20/08/2018 | 10:14 edited: 03/05/2019 | 13:06

Hello folks,


We thought it would be useful to have a place where we can post our most recent help impacting updates so our helpers are up to date with everything and can give the best timely advice. Please subscribe to this thread to make sure you receive notifications everytime we post any new changes.


Regardless of any changes we make, there are somethings that will always be very important.


  • The first is the wonderful advice from essie112mm on What does a great post contain:


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Whether it's to help out or gain payback getting a Best Answer fulfils any motivation for posting on the Help Board, as posting anything less harms your reputation, rank or payback as a helper. A helpful answer may contain some or all of the element outlines below the breakline, but as a general guide when helping, think of ''CHAIR" as your check list. Hitting each letter mean you can't go wrong, and it's as easy as that. 


    C = clarity

    H = helpfulness

    A = accuracy

     I = informative

    R = relevance



If we are to help others in a meaningful way we need to think carefully about the content of the answers we post. For many members Help and Support is the first - and sometimes only - forum they will ever visit on the Community.


First impressions count :smileyhappy:


 It’s important that not only are we as helpers both helpful and supportive, but also that we present our advice and information in a way that’s clear, accurate and relevant. 




  • Punctuation and paragraphs giving a simple explanation of possible solutions to the problem. Ideally, there will be bullet points or steps listed in numerical order to make it easy for the original poster (OP) to follow a method.


  •  A friendly and approachable tone preferably without terms such as ‘m8’ and ‘my friend’ which some members find annoying or offensive.


  •  An individually prepared reply which shows the OP that their question has been read in full, understood, and answered with thought and their problem in mind. Sometimes  a pasted reply is appropriate, for example when giving information step by step instructions on a method such as SIM swap, but in general it’s best not to become dependent on generic answers, especially if they include information unrelated to the question.


  • A few appropriate questions such as, “What phone do you have?” or “Can you see an error message?” are useful because they make the OP feel as though you are communicating with them personally as well as draw out more information to help you and other helpers to solve the problem.


  • Concise, relevant and easily understood information.  If, for instance, a member asks how to turn off voicemail they’re unlikely to want a long, pasted reply advising how much the service costs, the number to dial to access messages, and whether the service comes out of their goodybag minutes. A long, wordy reply can be off-putting and difficult for the OP to sift through to find the information they need.


  • Problem-solving solutions.  A post which provides constructive help and suggestions to save contacting an agent is particularly helpful. There are however occasions when an agent is the only person who can help the member, so it helps to explain why and give the specific agent category rather than the general link


  • If relevant, links and short-codes to help the OP navigate their way to the solution. For example, where to check for agent messages or local network service updates, how to obtain a new SIM or contact an Educator, check an account balance or top up using a phone.


  • Additional information  that shows the helper has gone the extra mile to help by the OP by researching their problem either on the giffgaff Knowledge Base or by googling.


  • A blend of empathy with simple, constructive advice is sometimes all that’s needed to get the OP back on their way again.


  • The second would be the direct links to the agent forms and where responses can be found, these are always more helpful than the general links.


Click to reveal

Agent Responses:

 Agent Links:



Problems activating a SIM

Problems ordering a SIM

SIM hasn't arrived

Unlocking your phone

All services (calls, texts & data) not working

Calls & texts not working

Data not working

Slow data

Problems with picture messaging (MMS)

Problems with tethering

Problems with voicemail (in UK)

Call services settings & premium rate numbers

Blocking a number

Managing adult content

Calls & texts from UK to overseas numbers

Calls, texts & data while overseas

Problems with voicemail (while overseas)

Using a goodybag in the EU (RLAH) Buying a goodybag or credit

Using a top-up voucher

Payment problems

Exchanging credit for a goodybag

Cancelling a goodybag or top up purchase

Cancelling a queued goodybag

Incorrect goodybag or credit balance


Starting a new goodybag early

Changing or setting up recurring goodybags & auto top-up Unable to get SMS from your Bank

Obtaining a PAC

Transferring from giffgaff to another network

Transferring from another network to giffgaff

Service issues after transferring to giffgaff

Changing your number

Replacing your SIM

Replacement SIM not received

Activating a replacement SIM

Obtaining a PUK/PUK2 code

Swapping SIMs

Changing my payment details

Generating a VAT receipt

Requesting usage records

Receiving unwanted emails from us Cancelling my account

Right to get copies of your data/ Subject Access Request (SAR)

Right to Data Portability

Right to get your Data corrected

Right to get your Data deleted (right to be forgotten) Right to restrict how we use  your data

Right to review automated decision making

Right to object the use of your data

Payback payout

Increasing the number of SIMs I can order

Missing SIMs

Payback points balance

Changing your payback method

Super Recruiters

Recruit count is wrong

Obtaining proof of usage for a phone

Buying a phone

Place or remove an IMEI bar

Phone return

Phone repair

Phone delivery

Obtaining a proof of purchase for a phone

Selling a phone - placing an order

Selling a phone - sending your phone

Selling a phone - getting a revised quote

Selling a phone - payment related issues

All other issues related to selling a phone

Hit the subscribe button in the menu on the top right of this thread to make sure you are notified of any updates.


To keep this thread nice and tidy we are going to lock it but if have any feedback that you'd like to share with us, check out this thread.

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Accepted Solutions
by: h_henna
community giff-staffer

on: 15/08/2019 | 09:48

Emailing our members on how to keep their accounts safe - 15th of August 2019


Summary:  We will be sending our members emails with information on account safety over the next few days.



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Just in case you missed it, we will be reaching out to our members via email over the next few days with information on how to keep their accounts safe. Along with this, we will notify our members of the shiny new multi-factor authentication feature we have introduced for members attempting to make a SIM swap or change the email address linked to their account.

Click here on our announcements thread for further information relating to this topic.


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by: h_henna
community giff-staffer

on: 24/08/2018 | 14:51 edited: 24/08/2018 | 17:32
Selling your phone put on pause - 24th August 2018
SummaryWe've decided to temporarily put the 'sell my phone’ feature of giffgaff on hold.
In detail:
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Due to some operational challenges with one of our partners we are having to temporarily put the ‘sell my phone’ feature of giffgaff on hold. This means that in the short term, we won't be able to offer Marketplace trade-in on your old devices. If you've got a phone that's currently in transit or waiting for inspection, then you should not be impacted. If members click on the 'sell my phone' option they will automatically be re-directed to the announcement.

Click here: on our announcements thread for further information relating to this topic.

Click here: to access our Service Issue thread relating to this topic.

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by: h_henna
community giff-staffer

on: 06/09/2018 | 10:42 edited: 06/09/2018 | 13:32
New Parcel Collect Service  - 6th September 2018
Summary: Members can now utilise UK mail's new Parcel Collect Service
In detail:
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As of 4th September 2018 members will be able to utilise UK Mail's new parcel collect service.
What does this mean?
1. Members will be able to redirect their parcel to a collection point if a delivery attempt to their home address is unsuccessful. Upon 2 unsuccessful delivery attempts the parcel will automatically be redirected to their local collection point.
2. Following the notification that the delivery is en route, members will have the ability to change their delivery address to a collection point before a delivery attempt to their home address is made.
Click here: to access our Knowledge Base article relating to this topic.
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by: h_henna
community giff-staffer

on: 07/09/2018 | 10:39
Testing how we present the auto-recur feature on activation - 7th September 2018
Summary: We are currently testing 3 different versions of how we present the auto-recur feature in the activtion journey to our new members, they will see one of the versions listed below.
In detail:
Click to reveal
New members will see 3 different versions of auto-recur in the acivation journey.
Version 1: New members will see the usual recurring toggle
Version 2: New members will see a link to the page where they can turn auto-recur on/off
Version 3: New members will see text instructions on how to get to the page where they can turn recurring on/off

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by: h_henna
community giff-staffer

on: 19/09/2018 | 16:15
Apple's new announcement update - 19th September 2018
Summary: We have noticed a some frequent questions asked on the community regarding Apple's new iPhone announcement. Here you will find some questions and their answers.
In detail:
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Q1. Will we modify our SIM to support the eSIM function?
We do not believe giffgaff should need to modify their SIMs should we decide to support eSIM capability in the future.

Q2. In general, when will the eSIM launch?
We do not know when eSIM will launch as yet but, it will be available in the UK through an update later this year.

Q3. When it comes to giffgaff, will we have to wait for o2 to support the new eSIM in order to too?
This requires a conversation between giffgaff and o2. Unfortunately, this hasn't reached a conclusion yet but we will let you know as soon as we know more.

Q4. When will the iPhone's be available to purchase from giffgaff?
iPhone Xs and Xs Max:
Pre-order from Friday 14th September at 12.01am California Time
Available from Friday 21st September 2018 at 8.00am Local Time

Pre-order from Friday 19th October 2018
Available from Friday 26th October 2018

Q5. Do you have a rough idea of what the monthly cost of the phone(iPhone Xr,Xs,Xs Max) would be?
The monthly price of the phone will depend on the size of the deposit and the length of the loan term. Assuming the lowest deposit (£25) and the longest term (24 Months) is selected the monthly cost will be the following for each model.
A breakdown of the costs of the new iPhone's:
Click to reveal


Handset Price


Loan Amount


Monthly Payment


Total Cost

iPhone XR 128GB 








iPhone XR 256GB 








iPhone XR 64GB 








iPhone XS 256GB 








iPhone XS 512GB 








iPhone XS 64GB 








iPhone XS Max 256GB 








iPhone XS Max 512GB 








iPhone XS Max 64GB 








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by: h_henna
community giff-staffer

on: 19/09/2018 | 17:22 edited: 19/09/2018 | 18:22
Roam Like At Home  - 19th September 2018
Summary: We have made some changes to our Roam Like At Home policies.
In detail:
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To make things a little easier all members are given a 14 day grace period during which they are able to Roam Like At Home. However, if no prior UK usage is detected we will send the member an SMS asking them to submit proof of UK residency in order to remain eligible.

We are in the process of updating the knowledge base and all the information regarding this will be available here.


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by: h_henna
community giff-staffer

on: 25/09/2018 | 16:42
Helper's refresh sessions: Right to be forgotten - 25th September 2018
Summary: A thread giving members the opportunity to refresh their knowledge on The Right To Be Forgotten - Check it out here
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by: h_henna
community giff-staffer

on: 08/10/2018 | 11:03 edited: 08/10/2018 | 11:15

Your recent questions feature - 5th October 2018


Summary:  We launched The New Your Question widget for members who post on the help and support forum.



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If a member is logged into their account they will be able to view their three most recently active questions from the last 30 days at the top of the help and support forum.


A visual aid:

help q widget.png



Here is the place to share your thoughts or any feedback regarding this.

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by: h_henna
community giff-staffer

on: 12/10/2018 | 11:15 edited: 12/10/2018 | 11:17

Live complaints number- 12th October 2018


Summary:  We have added a phone method of raising a complaint as per Ofcom regulations.



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As per an Ofcom regulation we have released a complaints line.  Any members who call the line will reach our answering machine on which they will be prompted to leave their message, name, number and email address. Similar to raising a complaint via email or post, agents will get back to members via email within 5 working days. The number will be free for giffgaffers to call even whilst roaming.

For the complaints number and further information refer to our complaints code of practice page.

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by: h_henna
community giff-staffer

on: 01/11/2018 | 17:04

Removing Paypal from the activation journey - 12th November 2018


Summary:  As of the 12th of November we will be dropping Paypal from our activation journey.




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We have decided to remove Paypal from the activation journey as we came to realise that these members were having a poor experience however, Paypal will still be available after you've activated a SIM card.

Click here to access our announcements thread for further information relating to this topic.



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