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Changing numbers

Started by: adil_hussain1
On: 15/01/2018 | 18:39
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by: adil_hussain1
on: 15/01/2018 | 18:39

I want to stick to the same account and package, all I want is to change numbers because a pest keeps calling on no Id so I can't do nothing but suffer. 

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by: zahidaparveenjan
on: 15/01/2018 | 18:40 edited: 15/01/2018 | 18:42



If you wish to change the number on your account to a new random one this can be done from your details page here once clicked you will find a button "change your number" click to have the number changed. 
The service is only available between 4.30am and 9.30pm and can only be used once per account. If you ever need to change your number again you will need to contact a giffgaff agent. 
To contact a giffgaff agent please follow this link
A giffgaff agent will attempt to get back to you as soon as possible though, during busy periods an agent can take up to 24 hours to reply.
Your number will be changed within 4 hours and any active airtime credit and goodybags will not be shown on your account until the new number is ready.
More details on requesting a number change check out this knowledge base link.
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by: z0d10n
on: 15/01/2018 | 18:41

Hi @adil_hussain1


Good Evening Smiley Happy.  Argh... I see your problem Smiley Sad.  Don't worry, you certainly can get a new giffgaff number.


To do this, please log into your giffgaff account and head to your Profile and Settings details here  Then, you will see the option to "Get A New Number".  Click/tap that option and then follow the on-screen instructions.


Please note that you can only change your giffgaff number once.  Any more than that, then a giffgaff agent would need to be contacted (Changing My Number).


For the complete procedure and guide on changing your giffgaff number (including reasons you may have for the change of number and how to resolve issues), these can be viewed here


Thank you.


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by: dshawn2
on: 15/01/2018 | 18:48
Hi @adil_hussain1

You can change the number on the same SIM and package from here:

It can take up to 4 hours to activate the service and to update the new number and all the credit/goodybag on the account after number change is done. Please note that service is not available to change the number from 9.30 pm and 4.30 am.

If already changed once then you won't be able to change from your end you'll need to request the agent: to change the number.
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by: no51get
on: 15/01/2018 | 20:37

Hi there @adil_hussain1

If you feel the need to change your giffgaff number click the links below for more information.

This will be a free service but please be aware you wont be able to choose your own number....!

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