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Check operator service

Started by: scottbowers
On: 28/02/2012 | 18:12
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by: scottbowers
on: 28/02/2012 | 18:18

yeh i have 40 mins left mate 

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by: derek_m
on: 28/02/2012 | 18:19

Check sim in ansother phone and also see if your local mask is having trouble with the status page of 02 (see above)

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by: darrenpainter
on: 28/02/2012 | 18:19

I Found a few references to similar errors on other networks


It reads


I had the same problem. Only had the phone a couple of weeks and suddenly get the 'check operator services'. Managed to find out that in the call settings (Line Switching) it had changed from Line 1 to Line 2 and I know for certain that I hadn't even gone into that setting previously!!! Now lets me make calls. The only difference is that when I dial a number, a message appears on the screen 'call forwarding on conditional'. Not sure what this means and why it should appear

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by: blackfive460
on: 28/02/2012 | 18:22

Let's see if I've got this right; are you saying that you can recieve calls and texts but not make calls or send texts?

If that is the case, it sounds as though your 'phone is unable to work out which network operator your SIM is trying to connect to.

A bit more information might help us work out a solution such as; does your 'phone indicate which network it is connected to?

The simple answer may be that your sim is faulty. If you can try another network SIM, does that work OK?

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