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Cost to unlock Samsung Galaxy S2

Started by: patel_93
On: 23/09/2012 | 20:57
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by: patel_93
on: 23/09/2012 | 20:57

How much would it cost to unlock Samsung Galaxy S2 which is locked on Vodafone network in a legit way like from the phone shop?


any estimates? is there anyway to do it for free?




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by: paultheball
on: 23/09/2012 | 20:58
£20 from vodafone.

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by: farnis
on: 23/09/2012 | 20:59

Vodafone will charge you about £15. If you want to do it legit then you wont get it free.

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by: usmanozzy786
on: 23/09/2012 | 20:59
Quite expansive from shops so best is to look up on ebay/amazon
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by: hunter4564567
on: 23/09/2012 | 20:59
check online for unlock codes. search on google
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by: kt_foolkid
on: 23/09/2012 | 20:59
you can do it urself i guess

but if you are on vodafone contract they will do for free just give it a try

check this
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by: patel_93
on: 23/09/2012 | 21:04

thanks for replying so quickly Smiley Happy


i had a iphone done for 15 quid from o2 so is the cost similar for Galaxy S2 from Vodafone? 


if i do it for free like this will it have any adverse effect on my phone?

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by: antonio75
on: 23/09/2012 | 21:04
Vodafone will unlock it but u may find a market stall that does it cheap
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