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Data connection to - Who is this?

Started by: katiecal
On: 16/07/2013 | 17:25
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by: katiecal
on: 16/07/2013 | 17:25

Hi all,


Just learning about data drain issues after bad experience with my Android phone on Topup credit.  

And before we go any further, 

YES, I know all about goodybags, thank-you.  They're not usually cost-effective for me but I'm using one til this is sorted.


I had a message from Agent (swift and helpful) showing up to 4 data connections a day, e.g:

24/06/2013 08:19 1 2.4483522E7 bytes 4.67

i.e. for someone who almost never uses data, I just used a shedload and got charged £4.67 (actually it was £7.13 all in one day!)


a) What is this IP address?  WHOIS responds with "Nominet is not the registry for this domain name".  All my data connections in the agent report are to (xxx varies; yyy is either "16" or "19").  


b) Anyone recommend an Android app to monitor data usage and connections so I can track down what's using the data.





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by: rosieg1979
on: 16/07/2013 | 17:44
I can't help with where your data has gone, sorry Smiley Sad

However I use "My data manager" app. It shows me how much mobile/roaming/WiFi data I have used, and which app is using the data. It also does data forecasting, and alerts when you get close to your limit.
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by: rosieg1979
on: 16/07/2013 | 17:48
Also, if you go into settings -> data usage, that should tell what apps are using the data.
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by: stadium
on: 16/07/2013 | 18:46

Interesting. is within a private address range.


I've not got a easy way of proving this to hand at the moment but my guess is that this is within the giffgaff network (rather than the public internet) and probably the address of the link your phone is using to the public internet (which changes from time to time - you don't have a static "public" IP address).


That's why WHOIS is not much use in this case.


Something on your phone is attempting to get updates regularly.


Do you have any new games or apps ?


I like NetCounter for Android data monitoring but I've never seen anything which gives usage by each app.




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by: ronc2000
on: 16/07/2013 | 19:08

All android 4.x has usage detail for particular apps.

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by: smaugsbane
on: 16/07/2013 | 19:11
Stock Android (in later versions at least) has a Data Usage menu in the Settings app which gives per-app data over a specified period.

It's very strange that you'd be able to make a connection to that address, though. I'm not sure that that address isn't the address of your phone on the giffgaff network (I can't remember how those recirds work and whether they record your address or the one to which you're connecting).
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by: uksteveb
on: 16/07/2013 | 19:26

Stadium is on the money with the point about this being a private address range, this range is what companies will use on their internal networks similar to the common 192.168.x.x domestic routers frequently use.


I wonder if you use a wifi network that gives you an IP address in the 172.25.x.x range and you connect to a server or device in that network at, and it continues trying once you move out of range of the network, and those attempts go over the mobile network?


There are firewall apps available for android, as a last resort you could install such an app and set up rules to disallow traffic to that IP range.

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by: katiecal
on: 25/07/2013 | 19:21

Thanks to all for the replies.  Don't think we've got anywhere though.


 @endorphin & w69d - I'm on Samsung so iphone unlikely to be relevant.


I'm also on Android 2.something (Galaxy Y) so I don't have "data usage" on my handset.


I'll try my data manager and see if that helps.




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