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Data -only micro-SIM

Started by: ajal
On: 30/04/2011 | 15:10
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by: ajal
on: 30/04/2011 | 15:10

    I'm thinking of getting an iPad2, and wondered if anyone can recommend a PAYG data only micro-sim/plan?  I don't think GG do it so I hope they won't mind me asking here. Also I would like to use my iPhone4 as a "Personal Hot -Spot" ie, as a modem for a laptop. Can anyone tell me how to do that, please? Or is GG not able to accommodate that, even though i think O2 can.  As you can tell, I'm mightily confused!

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by: drlatheef
on: 30/04/2011 | 15:13
It's against the terms and conditions to use a GG micro sim to use on a tablet, so other than a mobile phone. I would recommend anO2 micro sim as they offer similar rates as 3.

I wouldn't recommend 3 as their 3G signals are unreliable, they also received the most complaints according to Ofcom and they have a dreadful customer service.
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by: ya_2011
on: 30/04/2011 | 15:15
Yea you cannot use a gg sim on iPad

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by: drlatheef
on: 30/04/2011 | 15:15
If you have an iPhone 4 with a GG sim card. Tethering is not allowed as well so using your iPhone as an Internet hotspot/modem to receive 3G signals.
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by: andylamb
on: 30/04/2011 | 15:24

If you are fortunate enough to need to operate your iPad somewhere that has good 3 coverage then they actually work really well. But if you move around a lot then you are likely to encounter more gaps in their coverage than other networks.


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by: drlatheef
on: 30/04/2011 | 15:28
O2 give away their micro sim cards for free.
For 1 day Internet browsing so 200mb it's £2, for 1 month it's £10 or £15 for 2GB Internet usage.
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by: carlos292
on: 30/04/2011 | 15:51

i would look at 3 to be honest they aload of different plans as is broadband deals and all you can eat data pay as you go  aswell . if you live near a 3 store i would call in and ask , i have three for my dongle on payg have done so for about 4 years never had a problem and their coverage is fantastic , even in the far north of wales i got a good signal , so i would seriously consider three

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by: ajal
on: 30/04/2011 | 16:31

Thanks everyone, i was really hoping that GG would indicate when /if it was thinking of introducing 'tethering' and 'data-only' SIMs, but no such luck. I think I'll try '3', they seem to be as good and as bad as any.  And there's a shop near me!

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by: isabel1066
on: 30/04/2011 | 16:35
argos data sim card for the ipad argos£4'99inc 1gb data check in your area. 3 network.
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by: prestonian
on: 30/04/2011 | 16:38

My brother uses 3 and never had a problem. Of course it doesn't mean problems don't occur. Hope you find something suitable.

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