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Started by: sharm45434
On: 18/02/2019 | 19:21
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by: sharm45434
on: 18/02/2019 | 19:21
I have run out of data, please can I borrow some until I top-up....I am going to top-up £15 to receive 8gb data.
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by: figment_uk
on: 18/02/2019 | 19:23



Sorry but giffgaff does not loan data, minutes or texts.  You pay first then use what you've paid for.

 Payback selection choice is now closed. Payout expected to begin late afternoon on Monday 17th June 2019 

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by: deanwilliam39
on: 18/02/2019 | 19:49
Sorry you can't, but you could top up with PayPal credit if you have that option.
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