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Started by: _marianna_90
On: 21/04/2018 | 12:50
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by: _marianna_90
on: 21/04/2018 | 12:50

Hello There, 


I am having problems with my date! 

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by: freedmaniac
on: 21/04/2018 | 12:52



Not really enough information for members to help you.

Can you give more details?

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by: sloz
on: 21/04/2018 | 12:53
Hi, is it your data that doesn't work?
Which phone do you have?
Do you see a connection symbol
(3G, 4G, H, E, gprs)
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by: saima03
on: 21/04/2018 | 12:54
Hi @_marianna_90
Do you mean mobile data? if so, Check your APN/Data settings are correctly configured. You can follow this guide to manually configure your device.

The link contains settings for most popular devices used e.g. Android based devices, iOS(iPhone), Nokia, Blackberry etc.

If you find the data settings are fine and still unable to connect please check the giffgaff network status in your area to see if there are any local issues or outages. See this link

If the signal is fine, you can try manual roaming by following the link to guide below

Also turn your phone off and on again to see if that helps.

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