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Demaged sim card

Started by: yasam56
On: 06/01/2019 | 23:19
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by: yasam56
on: 06/01/2019 | 23:19

My sim card is demaged  can order onther sim card?

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by: macca28
on: 06/01/2019 | 23:22

@yasam56 Hi Smiley Happy

Order your sim here:
Sim Swap: Swapping your sim,
this can be performed anytime between 4.30am and 9.30pm
1 Back up contacts to your phone (if need be)
2 For sim swap, log into here
3 Put the 6 digit code in from your new sim, And click continue,
4 On the next page it will show the 6 digit activation codes and sim serial numbers of your current and new sim cards.
5 Click where it says... "Yes I want to replace my SIM"
(for mobile browsers please remember to scroll down to see)
6 On the next page click "yes I'm sure"

then wait up to 30 minutes or sooner (normally about 10 minutes) for activation,
this allows you to keep your number/goodybag and credit etc

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by: sammy103
on: 06/01/2019 | 23:25
@yasam56 hi there - Yes,
You can simply order another SIM from your spread page by following this link and when the new SIM arrives perform a SIM swap.
All SIMs now shipped by giffgaff Trio SIMs which is made up of a Standard , Micro and Nano if you wish to form either a nano or micro size sim simply push out the middle of the SIM.
3 in 1 SIM card
The SIM swap process will transfer your current number and active allowances(goodybag, Airtime balance) to the new SIM. It should take no more than 30 minutes to complete and can be performed anytime between 4.30am and 9.30pm
Please note: Before you start the SIM Swap you will need to back-up any contacts, texts and other data saved on your current SIM to your phone memory or PC, as this cannot be transferred through SIM Swap.
Follow this knowledge base guide on how to perform the SIM Swap or follow this video demo.
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by: erasure454545
on: 07/01/2019 | 06:25

yes order a SIM card from your account  then when receive do a sim swap  this will mean you keep all the old cards details but sometimes you may lose contacts 

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