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Didnt mean to top up , i needed the goodbag

Started by: emmamc22
On: 26/02/2018 | 14:13
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by: emmamc22
on: 26/02/2018 | 14:13

Can I get refund or recall top up money, error payment., needed a goodybag! 



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by: sheppola
on: 26/02/2018 | 14:15



Yes you can get a refund but you have to contact an agent and it can take up to 24 hours for them to reply.I accidently topped Up instead of buying a GoodyBag a while ago.Contacted Agent Sunday afternoon.Got a reply Monday morning and the tenner was back in my account I think on Thursday Smiley Happy


Just pick a general subject close to what you want Smiley Happy

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by: alant
on: 26/02/2018 | 14:17
If you're quick and haven't used any of the credit, you could exchange it for the goodybag you require.
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by: mtkchinaphone
on: 26/02/2018 | 14:18

Dear @emmamc22


Sorry to read of your situation this Afternoon.  Did you know that you can purchase goodybag plans from your existing airtime credit balance (a conversion)?  You can perform this transaction free from your giffgaff phone by dialling 43430 and following voice prompts.


Alternatively, this can also be performed online. Giffgaff have an illustrated step-by-step guide on how to purchase a goodybag from your existing airtime credit balance, please click/tap this link


Example (below): Purchasing a £ 10.00 goodybag from existing Airtime Credit Balance.


1. Login to your giffgaff account.


2. Go to the Top-up section of the website. The link is found on top of every page under your community member name.


3. Click the "Select" button under goodybags or gigabags, as applicable. Important: A gigabag is a data-only goodybag. gigabags cannot be used to add more data to an active goodybag.


4. Click "Select" on the Goodybag you want. Here we're choosing the £ 10.00 goodybag.


5. Your goodybag or gigabag appears in your basket. Click "Select" next to "I only need a goodybag"


6. Click "Airtime Balance" and then "Exchange Airtime Credit".


Your chosen goodybag should be added to your account as 'Active' or 'Queued' within a few seconds of the transaction being confirmed.


Attention! - Important Notes:


1. You must turn OFF recurring goodybags before buying a goodybag from credit.

2. You cannot buy a goodybag if you already have one queued.

3. The option to exchange airtime credit for a goodybag will not appear under the following circumstances, (as these options require payment via debit or credit card):

* You do not have enough airtime credit to pay for the goodybag you've selected; or

* You add additional credit, to your basket; or

* You set your goodybag to recur.


Good luck to you.


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by: emmamc22
on: 26/02/2018 | 14:33
Thanks , Can I get the $10 back, just buy a 20.00 goodybag??.
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by: alant
on: 26/02/2018 | 16:09

If you still have the £10 credit 'intact', you could add another £10 credit and use the £20 credit to 'buy' the £20 goodybag.

The other option would be to keep the credit on your account for calls etc. outside of your goodybag allowances. It never hurts to have some credit for emergencies.

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