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Do sim cards expire?

Started by: babazub
On: 26/10/2013 | 11:12
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by: mr_stephen
on: 09/11/2013 | 16:14 edited: 09/11/2013 | 16:15

@babazub wrote:
I mean does the sim need to be used every 6 months, to get the GG points added on as credit?

Is this what you meant?



  Qualification for payback

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To qualify for payback you must:


  • Have an active giffgaff SIM (includes SIMs which have been reported lost or stolen)
  • Have a positive payback points balance
  • Have used your giffgaff SIM within the 3 months leading up to midnight 31 May or 30 November i.e you must have made a call, sent a text or used data.
  • Not be in breach of any of our standard Terms and Conditions.


  Payback is not payable if

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You will not receive payback if:


  • You haven't used your phone within the last 3 months (i.e. haven't made a call/ sent a text/ used mobile internet).
  • Your service has been ceased.
  • You have a pending PAC (port out).
  • Your service has been barred for non use.
  • You have been banned from the community / all giffgaff services.
  • There is a chargeback pending on a payment to giffgaff.


Get a free giffgaff Sim
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by: wilpatgala
on: 09/11/2013 | 19:51
So if you are running out of time, better top again now.
Get a free giffgaff SIM. It includes £5 free credit, yay!
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by: anamkhan2013
on: 09/11/2013 | 21:13

you will need to use it atlease once in 6 months in order to keep you sim activated

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by: babazub
on: 16/11/2013 | 10:25
Is there a time limit for posting, that would keep the sim card active?
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by: geeza99
on: 16/11/2013 | 12:53
nope shoukd be fine
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by: figment_uk
on: 16/11/2013 | 13:09

@babazub wrote:
If a sim has not been used for a while does it get de-activated?

SIM Cards that have never been activated never expire, although after about 9 months the activation process witll take a little longer to conplete.


SIM cards that have been activated with expire of not used for 6 months. To keep your SIM active, all you have to do is one or more of the following once every 6 months:


  • Make a least one call, SMS or MMS to another number (for technical reasons, emergency calls (i.e. 999/112) and SMSes/calls to giffgaff services (i.e. 2020, 43430) do not apply)
  • Make at least one connection to the internet
  • Receive at least 4 calls of more than 10 seconds
  • Make a least one topup/purchase (credit or goodybag)
  • Receive Payback points (for recruiting new members or participating in the community)
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