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Do we get points for helping out people that ask questions on facebook???

Started by: claire8606
On: 11/04/2011 | 14:32
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by: claire8606
on: 11/04/2011 | 14:32

Do we get points for helping out people that ask questions on facebook???

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by: mat087
on: 11/04/2011 | 14:32
i doubt it, it would be hard to monitor it that way
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by: samirah1990
on: 11/04/2011 | 14:33
No not as far as I know of

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by: noahml
on: 11/04/2011 | 14:33

I'm afraid not, sorry, however you can refer them to the giffgaff forum where you can solve their issue and earn Payback Points. Smiley Very Happy

If I helped, click the orange star on the right and if I solved your problem please click "Accept as Solution". Thank you. Smiley Very Happy
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by: ropin1
on: 11/04/2011 | 14:36
No I'm afraid u only get points for helping and contributing to the giffgaff community
if this helped resolve your issue please set as solved so it can be closed
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by: nigelhayman
on: 11/04/2011 | 14:38
Sorry, we don't help people out anymore, we educate them lol. Or as my granny used to say we learn them a thing or two lol
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by: alweb
on: 11/04/2011 | 14:41

no sorry you dont

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by: darrenpainter
on: 11/04/2011 | 14:42
Read where Vincent of giffgaff states that because the Facebook page is linked to the underlying community, then yes payback is calculated in the same way
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by: olie122333
on: 11/04/2011 | 18:28

I'm suprised they can link the payback points and the Facebook page, very neat.

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