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Started by: gemach29
On: 14/08/2019 | 06:04
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by: gemach29
on: 14/08/2019 | 06:04 edited: 14/08/2019 | 06:12

how do i check what day is the end of my roaming allowance? on the website is only has on or off......

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by: muddycalhoun
on: 14/08/2019 | 06:38
@gemach29 Hi, If you have been using your phone here in the UK for two months or more (which means roaming would have been activated automatically by giffgaff) You will get a total of sixty three days roaming in the first 4 month period after that you will have to get another build up of use in the UK for two months or more before roaming is enabled by giffgaff again.
If your sim is newly activated you will have a fourteen day grace period of roaming in which you can provide giffgaff with proof of your residing in the UK
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by: gemach43
on: 14/08/2019 | 06:52 edited: 14/08/2019 | 06:55

that did not answer the question!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am out of the country and i dont remember when i used my phone last, how can i see when it will expire? 

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by: natty88
on: 14/08/2019 | 07:30 edited: 14/08/2019 | 07:31
  • @gemach43  unfortunately you can't find out how many days you've got left to roam sorry 


Giffgaff Do however send a text/email to warn you about it reaching its limit of 63days 


Another way is if it's disabled via here

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