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Email Account for Samsung GT S3350

Started by: sunscreen98
On: 24/05/2012 | 08:59
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by: sunscreen98
on: 24/05/2012 | 08:59

Tried replying to another thread with the same problem, but no response


I've tried threads hints etc but had enough now - all I want is to be able to set up my email account on my phone, really frustrating now!


My email is run on windows live mail on my pc. I'm really struggling cannot get it up and running on giffgaff


Email wizard asks the following:

Account name...

Email Address...

User ID.......


Server type (IMAP4 or Pop3).....

Incoming server.....

outgoing server(SMTP)....

Can I have a step by step 'idiots' guide to set this up please?



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by: badgerhud
on: 24/05/2012 | 09:05
Have a look at this guide, should help...
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by: sunscreen98
on: 24/05/2012 | 13:38

No joy, really fed up with all this  now, MSN is my main email ! - managed to set alternative talktalk one up no problem, to be honest I never want to see another 'try this link' ever again, I'm totally overdosed on them





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