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Started by: rizlay2k
On: 05/04/2018 | 13:39
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by: sloz
on: 05/04/2018 | 14:44
Thanks for that, it appears giffgaff are indeed applying the 1gb extra for Manual purchases
But the 1gb extra icon will only be shown after you're low in data
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by: rizlay2k
on: 05/04/2018 | 14:46
@sloz I guess I'm one of the lucky ones then lol. I'm definitely getting it then.
Thank you for your help your a diamond
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by: sloz
on: 05/04/2018 | 14:53
Incidentally, you've run out of data very quickly,
Do you usually purchase a £10 goodybag and have you run out so quickly previously?

Has your usage change over the last week?
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by: rizlay2k
on: 05/04/2018 | 15:02
@sloz no I usually have the £20 always on goody bag but been out of work so could only afford the £10 goody bag this time.
I accidentally left my hotspot on connected to my PS4 when I put it in rest mode so it updated a couple of games as I forgot that my settings on the PS4 are set to update in rest mode lol. It won't be happening again lol
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by: sloz
on: 05/04/2018 | 15:03 edited: 05/04/2018 | 15:07

Ah I see, just though I'd mention it to see if there is anything additionally I could help with 

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